About Us

We are a US based Company originally founded in California and are now relocated to the silver state of Nevada - Las Vegas.

Our Umbrella Company Fantastic Fam, Inc EST 2012 , 
also includes sub Brands such as Kumo Kuma and additional collections

We are Designers, Illustrators, Retailers and Manufacturers of fun and unique Fashion and Accessories.

We are proud to be making many of our Designs / Merchandise / Products right here in the USA. 


Tommy Xavier Designs


Tommy Xavier N. not only is the Designer but also the Founder of Fantastic Fam, Inc and Brands.

A son to Vietnamese Refugee Parents, he immigrated from Germany to the US by the age of 19 and started Fantastic Fam, Inc in 2012 with as little as $200

Ever since, His Designs have reached thousands of families and friends around the globe.

We want to bring people together through our Designs

With Fantastic Fam we create fun and cool designs for everyone of any age to wear through which we wish to bring people together. You will probably find (one of) your own interest(s) in the designs and be able to share your interest with your beloved one(s). You can even find your beloved(s) ones interest(s)! Whether if the interest is alike or different from each other, what truly matters is that you can build a bond of friendship and appreciation for each other's interest(s).

We invite you to join our Fantastic Fam and experience a new feeling of fun and love within your own fantastic fam(ily).



We wish to connect people and inspire them to create a special bond of appreciation and acceptance for each other's similar/ different interest(s) when wearing our fashion.